REACT Turbine Installation Engineers, Project Managers, Service Engineers and Technicians have been on the leading edge of turbine outage tooling, software and management development since 1975.  Our tools, software and service continue to help electric utilities around the world get their equipment disassembled, analyzed, repaired, aligned and returned to service quicker, safer and more accurately year-after-year.

REACT Limited’s founder and president, Mike Corney, has a long and celebrated career in the power generation industry. He has served as a senior project engineer on the installation and maintenance of more than 5000 megawatts of new OEM equipment.  His 30 plus years in field service includes more than 50 large steam turbine and generator overhauls and realignments. 

Corney is credited with the development and patent applications for numerous tooling systems, measurement gauges, and processes.  He has prepared and presented numerous papers at power generation conferences, utility maintenance forums, OEM and client base engineering seminars.  He has served as curriculum developer and lead training instructor for more than 25 client and OEM seminars on numerous turbine topics.

Corney was selected and featured in the National Geographic Channel’s television show entitled “World’s Toughest Fixes."
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He is internationally known and accepted as the foremost authority on power generation equipment alignment, assembly and repair.  Mike Corney continues to serve REACT as its principal turbine engineer. Email or   

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