REACT Limited (Turbine Laser Alignment Specialist) was the first laser alignment company in the U.S., and remains the only company dedicated to Turbine Laser Alignment Services and equipment manufacture & sales.

Over the past 4 decades REACT has become known and recognized as “The Turbine Laser Alignment Specialists.” We at REACT are very proud for having attained this stature in a richly competitive market and are constantly striving to demonstrate our unparalleled track record.

, the most experienced and technologically sound alignment contractor, stands head and shoulders above the competition because of our innovative approach to alignment, dedication to your outage team and our unmatched field service.

REACT brings 40 years of large steam turbine laser alignment experience to each job. We are an experienced engineering firm that analyzes the state of your machine AND incorporates the appropriate alignment method to reach your outage objectives. REACT field engineers are highly trained, motivated, team players with only one goal....CLIENT SATISFACTION.

There are two basic and distinct types of alignment programs today:

Both programs have inherent advantages and disadvantages. Each program has been proven to be an effective alternative in certain situations. However, before choosing a program type, you need to define what your outage objectives are going to be...

Life Extension

Efficiency lmprovements

Sectionalized Maintenance

Open, Clean, & Close

New Inter-stage Packing and Seals

Major Steam Path Replacemen

Innovative Approach

REACT will evaluate and analyze your Outage Objectives, your units Disassembly
Data and prepare an sinitial alignment report within 24 hours of rotor removal.
This report will provide you with the necessary data so that TOGETHER we can
choose the appropriate alignment program for your unit.

We will listen to your needs & plans and THEN together we can...

Whether you choose a Tops On Alignment Program or a Tops Off
Alignment Program. Let REACT be the engineering firm that assists
you during your next turbine overhaul.


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