REACT Turbine Installation Engineers, Project Managers, Service Engineers and Technicians have been on the leading edge of turbine outage tooling, software and management development since 1975.  Our tools, software and service continue to help electric utilities around the world get their equipment disassembled, analyzed, repaired, aligned and returned to service quicker, safer
and more accurately year-after-year.

After years of frustration with titewires, alignment bars, optical systems and other antiquated systems, REACT engineers modified a laser source and developed alignment tooling that is mechanically simple, of industrial strength and accurate enough to have remained virtually unchanged for the past 28 years.

REACT manufactures all of its turbine alignment system components in-house.  We are the only power generation alignment group to do so.  REACT’s alignment engineers have been instrumental in the development of the original ERAG, Turbine Mouse or CAT units (Electronic Rotor Alignment Gauges),  alignment software; including Turbine Tools and electronic rotor position gauges.  They have also developed DIA-line software packages.

REACT Limited, founded in 1983, was the first non-OEM turbine engineering group to design, develop, manufacture and perfect a laser alignment system for the centerline adjustment of large steam turbine generators.

Isn’t it time for you to REACT to your turbine’s outage needs.



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